Monday, July 15, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

dental work

have been diagnosed with a severe case of depression due to the loss of my mother Sheryl M Haworth an my fiance Scott H Butler. I had a lot of dental complications due to a very bad past physical abuse relationship an lost five teeth from being hit . once one tooth broke my teeth all started to crumble  peice by peice an end resulting in only having two bottom teeth an very few top teeth . i'm a single mother with close to no income due to my tanf being sanctioned due to non cooperation in welfare to work classes. I'm humiliated to be seen by people with my mouth looking like this an have been denied my skill in working a good job i believe as well. i been taking prozac an other depression meds trying to feel somewhat ok in the real world again but my teeth are very important to me an i feel i will regain the confidence i once had in myselkf with dentures. i went to local western dental an they refused to even really work on them besides extractions an thats all the state medical  i'm on will pay for .  If there is a program or grant i'm willing to go any distance needed for help with my dentures an i would really benefit in my education an my future employment  getting help with my self esteem an my appearence.. please help me it would be for a much needed cause an well worth the future outcome of my life . Thank you kindly .